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4-Not only Slavic peoples are originated from the Macedonians, but also all other european nations and, in fact, the wite race itselves

Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
He sure better have, but with points as the below........ must consider the credibility.
OK, guys,

Have in mind that this is my interpretation of what I have heard at the promotion of the book. I haven't read it.

But, why should be the fourth thesis insane. Here are some of the arguments:

1-In the Ice Age (the last one ended about 13 000 years ago) the north of Europe was commpletely frosen and the human life and civilisation could exist only in the South.

2-When the Ice Age passed, the migration of the peoples was in direction from the South of the Europe (Balkans) toward the North.

3-In all european languages there are words with slavic (ancient- macedonian) origin

4-As quoted in the work of d-r Popovski, thruouth all Europe (even in England) there are
thousands of toponimes with ancient-macedonian origin

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