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Default The Macedonians appear to have been a Thracian people.

I found a book that references the Macedonians to the Thracian race:

The Macedonians appear to have been a Thracian people. The Argive Temenidae founded a Grecian state in Macedonia at an early period...But the language of the Macedonians was unintelligible to the Greeks. The Greek soldiers in Alexander's army understood not, as we learn from Quintius Curtius, a speech addressed to the Macedonians...If we give credit to Strabo, we must consider the Macedonians as a Thracian people. That geographer mentions several parts of the Macedonian country, and Pieria, on the borders of Thessaly, which he expressly says had been peopled by the Thracians...By this we can only understand that the Thracian language and Thracian manners still prevailed among the inhabitants of these countries...
Reference: Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind: ... James Cowles Prichard ... 3rd edition, Vol. III. Containing: Researches Into The History Of The European Nations. London, 1841. Book IV: Researches Into The Ethnography of Europe and Asia.
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