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Although Theophylact Simocatta can be criticized for his use of synonyms, he mentioned that the Sclavenoi are "Getae".

The Romans are closing on the Sclavenoi in the northern plains of Thrace.

The Romans drew near to the Getae (for this is the older name for the barbarians), but did not dare to come to grips, since they were afraid of the javenlins which the barbarians were sending from the barricade against their horses (vii.2.5 Theophylact Simocatta)
Theophylact's use of the term "Getae" as a synonym for the Sclavenoi, is paralleled by Marcellinus Comes (s.ann.505, 517 and 530).

Marcellinus Comes, Chronicle, ed. T.Mommsen (Mgh Auct.Ant.xi, Chron. min.ii, Berlin,1893-4)

I am trying to get a copy of this source by Marcellinus Comes.
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