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Interesting cultural connection.

Its a pretty well established fact that the Getae were a Thracian tribe of old.

The Chronicles of Marcellinus

Mundo, the Master of Illyrian Soldiery, was the first Roman general to set upon the Getae who had previously been traversing Illyricum and put them to flight, after quite a few of them had been killed (530) "...dudum Getis Illyricum..."
The translation uses the term "Goth" instead of "Getae".

But clearly,


Refer to "Getae", even though the translater choses to use the term 'Goths'.

This invasion (517) by what Marcellinus calls "Getae" probably involved Sclavini, who had begun to launch attacks through Roman territory
The Chronicle of Marcellinus, p.121

The Getae are considered to be "Sclavenoi" by Vasiliev (1950) p.308, by Bury (1923) p.436, and "Antae" by Stein (1949) p.105.

Could a closer look at the Thracian language reveal to us what the language of the Sclavenoi, actually was??
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