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Well you could argue that as you say Serbias poor policies was the main reason for the violence in the first place?
Don't mistake my words. Serbia reacted poorly in Kosovo. But speaking generally, the Albanians instigated it.

Ok it was all the Albanians fault.. so was Bosnia and Croatia..?
The reasons for the balkan wars of the 90s is seriously another totally different issue...

Nobody goes to war ans risks their life if they don't believe what they are doing is warranted..
Yes. We've seen Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and more recently Albanians go to war for their "greater ______" concepts. I'm sure they perceived it was warranted to kill others to accomplish their goals. But is it really?
Well if you ask those involved, I'm sure they'll have an appropriate response for you.. but I'm sure most would say they would rather rule themselves than others rule them..

Most small countries exist today due to some form of violent rebelion agains a greater power as sometime or another (Even Macedonia) - so to simply say it's wrong to be rewarded because of violence is a little to simplified..
How does this justify the violence perpetrated by KLA in Kosovo and Macedonia?
Thats not what I was trying to do..

Weather the war was justified in Kosovo or Macedonia will always be a matter of opinion.. and how ones life was effected prior and post conflict..Some would be better off others not.. others are dead..

On your second point where you say Macedonia should be like Greece and not recognize Kosovo and it might not lose European support...
I did not say that.

Seriously why would you take Greece's foreign policy as an example to be followed by anyone let alone Macedonia ??

I didn't say that. I simply said that Greece managed to not recognize Macedonia and still remained within the EU and faced no consequences.
It's a totally different scenario... Greece was ALREADY in the EU and NATO..

They weren't gonna kick them out for not recognising Macedonia..
This is also where they gain the upper hand in the name issue.. if they weren't already members..the issue wouldn't exist today..

Greece is the bankrupt laughing stock of Europe who will be slaves to their debt for decades to come.. They are a failed democracy who have very few positive examples to be followed by in the region...

You could substitute Kosovo for Greece in the above statement, and throw in mafia-controlled government, and you'd have just as true of a statement.
I never said that Kosovo is a model state that should be followed... its a new country with many problems that was left behind in terms of development be it socially educationally and infrastructure wise with the rest of the region...

Considering that it has managed to be on par if not close to other regional countries like Albania, Macedonia , Montenegro and Bosnia in many ways...

I dunno how many people here have been to Kosovo or follow it's development since the war ended in 1999..

But if compare it to the way it was prior the war .. it's unrecognizable... although corruption and criminality have hampered progress.. its nowhere near as bad as it was.

This topic is consistently blasted over Macedonian media of late..
No Albanian party went to the election with a federalization policy or proposed any form or map of federalization..
The concept of the federalization of Macedonia has been growing since the OFA. Still, you only need to look back to the independence of Macedonia from Yugoslavia in the 1990s to see how the Albanians reacted and what they really wanted.

So again I don't see it as a viable or doable option... the threat of division was used and is used by vmro to create fear and uncertainty amongst the Macedonian population which would in turn be returned with votes..
Sure, DPMNE capitalizes on people's fears. But peoples' fears are justified. Just look to the armed terrorist intrusion in 2001.

Remember up to 70k Albanians voted for sdsm.. who will never accept any form of internal division..
Either you're naive or playing a game here...
As for all these issues of federalization again.. I tell you its not an option..
How would you create this federal division..?
Where would you put the separation lines..?
What do you do with Skopje?

Its nit gonna happen or even be put on the table unless another war brakes out.. god forbid.. then nobody wins anything...

As I said EU modeled Decentralization laws will decrease the sounds of division.. which benefits nobody!
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