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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
Ok it was all the Albanians fault.. so was Bosnia and Croatia..?
The reasons for the balkan wars of the 90s is seriously another totally different issue...
I didn't suggest that. I did say that they did instigate in Kosovo. But I don't see the reasons for the Balkan Wars as totally different issues. In many ways, the Balkan Wars were a continuation of previous conflicts and tensions, flavored with certain issues facing modern times. The KLA/NLA issue in Macedonia and Kosovo is also a continuation of -- and related to -- those Balkan wars.

Well if you ask those involved, I'm sure they'll have an appropriate response for you.. but I'm sure most would say they would rather rule themselves than others rule them.. that how the Albanians treated the Serbs or Macedonians? Did they go to Serbian villages in Kosovo and say "hey, you can rule yourselves!" No -- they partook in intimidation and cleansing there.

Weather the war was justified in Kosovo or Macedonia will always be a matter of opinion.. and how ones life was effected prior and post conflict..Some would be better off others not.. others are dead..
So then, Macedonians should reciprocate Albanian tactics? Macedonians in Bulgaria, Greece and Albania should pick up their guns and start killing people? Would that be justified? After all, since it will always be a matter of opinion and not facts and principles, then I guess I should be all in for burning Athens, Tirana and Sofia to the ground until Macedonian is made an official language throughout the entire Balkans, and until the Macedonian name and language and identity is recognized.

It's a totally different scenario... Greece was ALREADY in the EU and NATO..
And they were rewarded by being allowed to remain. They were also rewarded by being allowed to join when they never recognized the Macedonian minority.

They weren't gonna kick them out for not recognising Macedonia..
This is also where they gain the upper hand in the name issue.. if they weren't already members..the issue wouldn't exist today..
Actually, many EU members at the time did consider kicking Greece out of the EU. There's more to it then just being in the EU...

As for all these issues of federalization again.. I tell you its not an option..
How would you create this federal division..?
Where would you put the separation lines..?
What do you do with Skopje?

Its nit gonna happen or even be put on the table unless another war brakes out.. god forbid.. then nobody wins anything...
Except the the KLA/NLA seem to think that war is always justified...or is that just a "matter of opinion..."?
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