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Well if you ask those involved, I'm sure they'll have an appropriate response for you.. but I'm sure most would say they would rather rule themselves than others rule them.. that how the Albanians treated the Serbs or Macedonians? Did they go to Serbian villages in Kosovo and say "hey, you can rule yourselves!" No -- they partook in intimidation and cleansing there.
Look as to how and who was to blame for thr Kosovo/Macedonia wars is a question that can have many different answers defending on who you ask... Its a bit like asking what came first the chicken or the egg...

Had sides.been willing to use dialog and communication I believe wars such as the one in Macedonia could have been avoided...

All the rights gained by Albanians and other minorities in Macedonia due to the Ohrid Agreement could have all been granted through dialog and understanding... nothing that was granted is without precedent in many other multi-ethnic countries...

I ask you this question... which rights are you against when it comes to the Ohrid Agreement that you wouldn't agree to other Macedonian minority communities having in Greece Bulgaria and Albania..??

Would you say ...noooo we don't deserve out language to be official.. or noooo we don't want proportional representation in state institutions..??
Nooo we don't want the use of our symbols??


Weather the war was justified in Kosovo or Macedonia will always be a matter of opinion.. and how ones life was effected prior and post conflict..Some would be better off others not.. others are dead..

So then, Macedonians should reciprocate Albanian tactics? Macedonians in Bulgaria, Greece and Albania should pick up their guns and start killing people? Would that be justified? After all, since it will always be a matter of opinion and not facts and principles, then I guess I should be all in for burning Athens, Tirana and Sofia to the ground until Macedonian is made an official language throughout the entire Balkans, and until the Macedonian name and language and identity is recognized.
Well if Macedonians form large political parties and gain 25% of the seats in parliament and attempt to make Macedonian an official language and there calls keep falling on deaf ears.. have people who have spent years in jail as political prisoners, have a large section of your population forced to migrate, and feel as if you have zero prospect and future in your homeland .. then you could think about maybe some form of extreme action...

But Macedonians must not feel as if they they would be better off .. or that their lives are that hopeless to take any form of extreme action..

I don't think you can compare the situation and position that Albanians hold in Macedonia with other Macedonian communities in the region outside Macedonia...
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