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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
All the rights gained by Albanians and other minorities in Macedonia due to the Ohrid Agreement could have all been granted through dialog and understanding... nothing that was granted is without precedent in many other multi-ethnic countries...

I ask you this question... which rights are you against when it comes to the Ohrid Agreement that you wouldn't agree to other Macedonian minority communities having in Greece Bulgaria and Albania..??

Dialog and understanding would have never achieved a situation where a minority can have final say on matters of cultural significance to Macedonians. I wouldn't agree to Macedonians in Greece having a final say in matters of Greek culture. How is that a reasonable outcome Albo?
Well I assume your talking about the 'Badintet Principal' ?
You would need to ask yourself why do you think that the experts ( both local and western) who drafted the Ohrid Agreement added this as a provision to the final agreement?

I agree that it can be misused at times by both sides...especially at a local level, but the idea is to protect minority grievances and issues that directly effect them from being out voted..

So the idea is that the majority can't dictate policy without any consensual decision-making with the minority directly effected. (Which has historically been a problem)
I don't see how you would not want this mechanism to protect ethnic Macedonian issues in surrounding countries.

Don't forget that Macedonians use this principle in municipalities where Albanians are a majority..

Eg.. There have been attempts by local councils in Tetovo,Gostivar,Struga,Cair ect to change old yugoslav communist era named streets and schools ..
But they haven't been able to be changed due to Macedonians using the badinter Principal.

I know in Tetovo that there was a list of new proposed names both Macedonian and Albanian which was being looked at which didn't contain any controversial figures, who were mainly names of people from Cultural ,Art and Sports background.. but the Macedonians in the council refused to pass the changes.

Originally Posted by Albo
Well if Macedonians ... EDIT ... have people who have spent years in jail as political prisoners, have a large section of your population forced to migrate, and feel as if you have zero prospect and future in your homeland .. then you could think about maybe some form of extreme action...

You are 100% correct. Macedonians should take extreme action.

So what is different here champ?
Well weather Macedonians take up extreme action it totally up to them..
But firstly I believe they need to make a louder noise and strengthen their political parties and organisations in order to draw attention to issues affecting them.

If you can't get a significant number of people to firstly protest (loudly) in Athens, Sofia or Tirana .. where are you going to find people who will take extreme action!
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