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Originally Posted by Stojacanec View Post
Don't blame us for your failed Kosovo policies.

An infiltration of Kosovars into Macedonia after 1999 was the precurser to the 2001 problems in Western Macedonia and the framework agreement.

Milosovic failed and Macedonia had to pay.

How ironic is it now this moron is trying to call us up on the recognition.
I'm not blaming anyone for Kosovos development
They (Albanian Kosovars) are mostly to blame for slow progress

Latest groth figures place its gdp growing higher than most other balkan counties

Also don't think you need to call me a moron , I haven't been disrespectful to you or anyone on here.


Race for Run Govt Heats up in Macedonia

As the deadline for the formation of new government after December's election draws near, both the ruling and opposition parties have reiterated their determination to lead it.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic

Macedonia's President Gjorge Ivanov has until Monday to offer a mandate for the formation of a new government to one of two would-be prime ministers, VMRO DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski or opposition Social Democrat chief Zoran Zaev.

The ruling VMRO DPMNE party, which won a narrow victory in the December 11 election, hopes the President will follow normal procedure and offer them the opportunity first.

"As soon as we get a mandate, we will start negotiations and will put maximum efforts into forming a government," VMRO DPMNE said on Monday.
"Our duty is to do everything in our power to realize the platform we promised to our voters."

According to the constitution, the prime ministerial candidate has 20 days after receiving the mandate to secure a majority of 61 in the 120-seat parliament. While the ruling party won 51 seats in the election, the opposition won 49, with a difference of only some 17,000 votes.

The opposition Social Democrats, SDSM, have hinted they might inform the President from Monday onwards that they have the necessary parliamentary support, which could in theory shorten the procedures for forming a new government.

"The parties that won over 600,000 votes in the elections will form the government," the party told BIRN, referring to the total number of votes that went to the opposition parties, which surpasses the 450,000 votes for VMRO DPMNE.

"Gruevski has no more political value; the majority of voters supported the opposition parties and opted for change," the SDSM said.

Both of the rivals aiming to run the new government, however, depend on the goodwill of ethnic Albanian parties, which won 20 seats in all.
The support of the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, which won ten seats, could prove invaluable for any party seeking a majority.

Although some DUI members have hinted they would like to break their party's eight-year partnership with VMRO DPMNE, the party remains secretive about its intentions, saying only that its decisions will be based on the will of the voters.

"I have not met a single Albanian who said, 'Yes, we should make an alliance with Nikola Gruevski'. All Albanians I know are against such an alliance," DUI presidency member Nevzat Bejta told TV 21 in late December, after his party won only half the number the votes it won in the elections in 2014, which was widely seen as punishment for the alliance with Gruevski.

Gruevski repeats attacks on civil society

Meanwhile, in his New Year interview for Republika news site, published in two parts on Sunday and Monday, Gruevski again attacked civil society groups and the opposition for allegedly working against the Macedonian people.

In the interview, titled "Civil Sector Must Not Remain in the Hands of Soros," Gruevski accused US billionaire George Soros of financing "a modern army" of corrupt NGOs in Macedonia that has plotted to topple him.

"That is the reality and unfortunately that is how Soros works. Then they do what they want. They squash you and slam you. They will make you a criminal, a crook and a traitor, an idiot, incompetent and a monster - whatever they want," he said.

If he regained power, he said, he would boost government investment in a truly independent civil sector.

It was Gruevski's second attack on civil society groups in 20 days. During a speech made shortly after the December 11 election, he accused foreign ambassadors, NGOs and the opposition of plotting to steal his election victory.

"By criticizing the civil society, Gruevski in fact underlines his authoritarian nature and his constant search for domestic and foreign enemies," Bojan Maricic, head of the Macedonian Center for European Training, MCEO, an NGO, responded on Deutsche Welle.

Gruevski and his party associates face several investigations at the hands of the Special Prosecution, SJO, a body formed in 2015 to investigate high-level crime.

Although the ruling party initially supported the formation of the SJO, which was agreed at internationally brokered crisis talks in 2015, it has since accused the SJO of bias and of working under orders from the opposition.

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