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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
I believe that multi ethnic societies only function effectively when there is good will, understanding, consensus and respect for all.This may sound utopian in the Balkans, but its the only way forward if we want to prosper and forget the past.
Tell that to your fellow Albanians in the former mixed-populated villages in the 2001 conflict regions.
They provided logistics and helped the terrorists expel and burn the houses of the Macedonians, literally their own next-door neighbors.
The "good will, understanding, consensus and respect for all" isn't a one-way street, if you want it to work it must come from both sides.
You can't burn your neighbor's house and expect him to respect you after and pretend it never happened.

Education : eg Most Albanian schools run on 2-3 shifts because they haven't been extended or upgraded in decades, and new ones simply don't get funded when required.
ALL schools in Macedonia work in 2 shifts.Not just in Albanian-populated areas.
You wanted equality,didn't you?

Infrastructure: eg, Did you know that most roads water systems in Albanian villagers are paid for by locals and the diaspora?
Have you ever traveled by car to the eastern part of the Republic?
Any Macedonian can tell you that road infrastructure in the western part is several times better than the one in the east.
A simple rockslide after Kocani on the Veles - Delcevo highway can cut off Makedonska Kamenica, Delcevo and the surrounding villages because there are no alternative roads to there.
Or if there are, they're narrow, steep, dirt roads that can be a nightmare in the slightest rain.

Look at Skopje, and the clear disparity from each side of the river, the Albanian districts in Cair, Gazi Baba and Butel looks like ghettos, they still don't have proper running water and sewage systems in place.

This isn't the case in Centar, Illinden , Aerodrom Gjorce Petrov ect. now is it?

Since the earthquake in Skopje there has been no plan or funding to bring the Albanian districts to some form of parity to the Macedonian ones.
The level of urbanization in each city is the same whether you live in America, Europe, Australia - the center of the city is most urbanized and as you go outward it is less and less urban.It also depends on locations of landmarks and public buildings.
Just look at where each district you named is geographically located in Skopje and that will answer your question.
It has nothing to do with the ethnic diversity of the districts.

Hospitals: We all know that most hospitals are terrible in Macedonia but the ability to access medical assistance in Albanian regions is a lot more difficult and scarce especially in remote areas even though they have large populations.
Again, geography plays a significant role since most of western Macedonia is a mountainous terrain, so accessing medical help (along many other things) is difficult.
And yes, healthcare in Macedonia is a disaster in general so that isn't helping either.

Jobs: eg, If you look at the distribution of foreign investment into Macedonia and where those investments go you will see that there has been an almost complete deliberate avoidance to place companies that employ large numbers of people in Albanian majority regions.

Most investment goes to central and eastern Macedonia.
This is because statistically the east of the Republic is poorer than the west and is also less developed in almost any perspective.
Probistip, Sveti Nikole, Delcevo...are almost "dead" towns.
The biggest percentage of the country's GDP comes from Skopje and the western part, and unemployment rates have historically been much, much higher in the east than the west.
So as you see, again it has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the population.

Macedonia has one of the highest employment rates in the world..around (30%) in Albanian regions its almost impossible to find employed people outside the government sector or small family run businesses the unemployment rate is around 70%

Whats the purpose of all this disparity of public funds?
Albanians will say that purpose is to make, life as difficult and uncomfortable as possible to that they MIGRATE and leave... after all one can't live a normal life without basic services and income.

Most Albanian families live off remittances sent from family abroad, this is their life line to survival
You just described Macedonia in general mate, not just the Albanian-populated areas.
Again, equality you wants - equality you gets.

There needs to be some form or legal protection to ensure parity, not more not less.. if you want loyal citizens, openly discriminating with basic funding isn't going to help.
Oh, you haven't heard? There IS a form of legal protection since some 15-16 years ago, it's called "Ohrid Framework Agreement".
It's what prevented me from becoming a policeman AND a professional soldier since in both cases the candidates that got the jobs were Albanians. "The OFA requires so", they said.
Albanians in Macedonia today can speak ,learn, read, write and educate themselves in their own language, there is a guaranteed quote of 25% of all state employees being Albanians (if you've read it by any chance, there was a post of mine about some 1700 state employees that actually don't even show up for work and yet receive monthly paychecks simply because they're Albanians) and their language is official in municipalities where they make up 25% of the population.
Face it - Albanians in Macedonia have more rights than in any other country (except Albania and the protectorate of Kosovo, of course) and yet every time they want more and more.
Don't bite the hand that feeds Albo.
”A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices”
― George Orwell

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