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Page 72 of the book "Kolokotrones the klepht and warrior" is as follows;

Young Gianni Kolokotrones, who till then had been known by his baptismal name Gianni (John) only, here exchanged that name for Gennaios (brave), which was bestowed upon him by his fellow combatants and others for his heroic conduct in the field, and by which name alone he was ever afterwards called.
Kolokotronis son originally had an Italian name. Wtf else will we see in this book? How about page 114;


IN the spring of 1808 Veli Pasha alarmed Ali Pharmakes by demanding that either he should deliver up his tower, or give himself or his son as a hostage into his hands. He was stirred up to this by Deligianni. Deligianni, not really desiring that Ali should even exist, told Veli that he must demolish his tower, and thus he would demolish all his strength. To Ali he said: " Do not go away, for Veli intends to kill thee." So Ali Pharmakes made preparations to oppose himself to Veli Pasha.

My grandfather, Gianni Kolokotrones, and the grandfather of Ali, had been friends and adopted brethren. My grandfather was killed, but the friendship was continued between my own father and the father of Ali; and we also were sworn friends. Remembering this friendship, and counting upon it, Ali wrote a letter to me to this effect:—

"dear Fellow-countryman,—Veli Pasha is making ready to destroy me—come, and give me your help."

It seems that the Gianni Italian name runs in the family. BTW wasn't Pharmaki himself an Albanian? Albanians befriending Albanians. Hmmm what a concept.
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