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Originally Posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
That's definitely true, when things are going great, club is in the top division, winning, making finals people want to be there.

This was the case with Sydney Makedonia who had two decades of success with great support and still among the most successful clubs of NSW, then when the wheels fell off people stopped going. I guess it's just how people are, you see it with most clubs, majority of people want to be there through the good times but don't want to support and stick it out through the challenging times.

End of the day, the loyal ones will be there through it all and it will be even more sweet for them when the club gets back to where it should be. Clubs like Preston and Bankstown both belong in the top division and I hope they both achieve it soon enough.
Things at Bankstown seem to be in a good spot now internally, so just need the on-field success to come. I think with the poor state of the A-League and the expected return of traditional ethnic clubs to the national scene, support at Bankstown in the next few years may shoot up.
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