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MACEDONIAN REPRISALS. Precise Information has not yet been received of the exact circumstances in which Todor Alexandroff met his death (says Reuter in the London 'Daliy Telegraph,' under date Sofia, September 16). According to the best, authenticated account, however, . Alexandroff was killed while 'on his way to attend a revolutionary congress at some secret meeting place in the mountains. He was accompanied by two guides whom he believed to be devotedly attached to his person. Unfortunately for Alexandroff, however, his trust was misplaced. The guides had been suborned and killed their master while he was resting on the journey. His body waa subsequently found by others of his followers and buried In the Macedonian mountains, where he had made his home for so many years and where he had played so formidable a role behind the scenes in Balkan politics. While public opinion has naturally been greatly excited over the dramatc death of this Balkan Robin Hood, as he had been aptly called, there have been no disorders. The newspaper 'Slovo,' which is in close touch with Macedonian circles, says that the murder of Todor Alexandroff was the outcome of a political plot organised from the Bolshevik centre in Vienna, which has for long wished to weaken the revolutionary movement in Macedonia. The newspaper claims that Vasilleff and, Athanosoff, rival Macedonian leaders, intended to proclaim a Soviet Republic In the Petrich district on September 15th and that they had obtained financial support from foreign sources by the Intermediation of Bulgarian Communists. The Sofia correspondent of the London 'Times' under date September 16 said: According to a communication signed by General Protogueroff, one of the leaders of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation, Todor Alexandroff was killed by two Macedonians in the service of certain chiefs who have been recently engaged In Bolshevist propaganda. The death of Alexandroff, who was killed on August 31st, was kept secret in order to enable the Macedonian Nationalists to take in hand the direction of the revolutionary movement, and to forestall the manoeuvres of those in the service of the Bolshevists, several of whom it was decided to put to death. In accordance with this decision, Aleko Pasha and Colonel Athanasoff, who were chiefs of bands, as well as other Macedonian Communists, were killed on September 13 on the Serbian frontier by order of the Revolutionary Organisation. In Sofia Hadijimoff, a Macedonian Bolshevist, and Judge Kovatcheff, both Communist Deputies have been assassinated by two young Macedonians, whom the police have arrested. The Government is taking measures to prevent further murders by the opposing factions of the Macedonian revolutionaries in Bulgarian territory.

(The Townsville Daily Bulletin, Saturday November 22nd 1924, page 13)
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