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A scumbag journalist.
Gruevski is trying to improve his public image.
And you think this is a bad thing

Gruevski doesnít belive even he decends from the ancient Macedonians.
A scumbag answer with no proof offered.

Gruevski offers nationalism and the idea of ancient Macedonians because without this he has nothing he is empty.
Great footage of gruevski at construction sites as he is saying gruevski has nothing to offer. Lazi poarno scumbag.

Gruevski spent 13 million euro arming the secret services.
I would say is that all. Maybe thatís all he needed for now.

Gruevski put pressure on the newspaper he worked for to fire him to silence him.
Gruevski was kind. He should have sent in the secret service to silence him. Might as well put the new equipment to use.

Gruevski listens to the phones.
You expect anything less. The usa does. France cought them out by building their own system.


I hate listening to scum like this. Anyone like them should be at least ostracised by everyone and better still deported.
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