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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
I just posted the numbers..

I didn't assume anything about future demographic trends..
The state statistical office has a minimal amount of Albanians working in it.. its always been an institution that has been protected my the Macedonians since it was created..

Albanians have never belived the figures given 100%
As for me.. I'm not sure..
As for migration numbers.. this is where it will be interesting in the upcoming census..
Mass migration had occurred not only in the Albanian community (as has been the trend for decades)
But now many Macedonian majority towns and villages have been drained of youth.. ask anyone who lives in MK or has been recently...

Its a dangerous trend not only for MK but for the region.. the Balkans I belive will be a new home fom many skilled educated Asian and African migrants in 10 years..if migration trends continue across all ethnic groups ..
LoL. You use the SSO to cherry pick "official data" that show a negative view of Macedonians in a specific point in time but fail to show any trends in the country.

Then when I use the same source to show things from a different angle you discredit the same source you yourself used!!! As if there is some conspiracy against Albanians because Albanians don't work in the SSO. LMFAO!

The reason the Albanians have not believed in the numbers is because they are delusional. They gain rights bases on percentages in the country. It's in their interest to inflate them. The only time anything was faked in the country was the 2002 census where Albanians from in Oslomej, Zajas, Struga that live in the diaspora were added to their total for the census to artificially increase their number to over 25% under the ohrid framework agreement.
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