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The Albanians signed the Ohrid Framework agreement which guaranteed them these rights based on the number of them living in each municipality. If they weren't happy with the agreement then they should have never signed it
At the time it was a big step forward and nobody knew how the new laws were going to effect the people and the country..
After 17 years the positives and negatives of the agreement are better known.. The OFA isn't gospel.. it was a guide to peace and integration..

If Albanian rights were standardised across the country there would be no reason to want to inflate or deflate numbers..

Albanians are emigrating from Macedonia en masse. So the more than emigrate the better it will be for the country
Oh yes its amazing for the country... �� what a way to create more loyal Albanian citizens by celebrating their migration..

Albanians who migrate.. never fully migrate unless they go to places like Canada, USA or Australia..the Albanians in Europe are the majority.. they are more seasonal workers or even when citizens of a second country still return to MK more often then Macedonians who migrate.. and also they spend most of the money they make abroad in Macedonia by either supporting the family or building a new home or buying an apartment .. Albanians also almost never sell family property , it's seen as scared.. regardless of how poor or rich you are or where you migrate to.. So I wouldn't get too happy with Albanian migration.. they never really fully leave..

This is based on voting patterns in Kichevo elections and births in both Oslomej and Zajas (for example). Zajas and Oslomej are both high emigration areas for Albanians and the number of births in those two municipalities are not proportional to the inflated number of people in the 2002 census.*
I'm not saying your wrong because I don't know too much about the Kicevo region.. do you have the voting numbers of Zajas and Osllomej prior to 2002 so we can confirm this?

I have driven through Kicevo, Zajas and Osllomej.. they are very built up densely populated regions.. but Also I know historically there has been a lot od migration from that region in the past..

Also in order to vote an Albanian mayor into Kicevo many expats who reside in other countries have to travel back to Macedonia to vote. These Albanians have officially emigrated but are still on the voter rolls and counted as Citizens.
They are still citizens who pay taxes in MK (eg) (property Tax) .. and regularly stay in MK..they aren't breaking any laws by coming to Kicevo and voting are they? They contribute millions to the economy and keep the region alive..

Nobody is stopping the Macedonians from coming to vote also! But they don't care enough or live too far away..
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