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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
At the time it was a big step forward and nobody knew how the new laws were going to effect the people and the country..
After 17 years the positives and negatives of the agreement are better known.. The OFA isn't gospel.. it was a guide to peace and integration..

If Albanian rights were standardised across the country there would be no reason to want to inflate or deflate numbers..
Countries which are composed of two different sets of people rarely survive. I'm just a realist. The more Albanians who leave the better Macedonia will be for the Macedonians.

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
Oh yes its amazing for the country... �� what a way to create more loyal Albanian citizens by celebrating their migration..

Albanians who migrate.. never fully migrate unless they go to places like Canada, USA or Australia..the Albanians in Europe are the majority.. they are more seasonal workers or even when citizens of a second country still return to MK more often then Macedonians who migrate.. and also they spend most of the money they make abroad in Macedonia by either supporting the family or building a new home or buying an apartment .. Albanians also almost never sell family property , it's seen as scared.. regardless of how poor or rich you are or where you migrate to.. So I wouldn't get too happy with Albanian migration.. they never really fully leave..
Yea we have heard this story before buddy. No one cares. If Albanians live outside of the country for 10 months out of the year and visit only in the summer they aren't really a part of society.

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
I'm not saying your wrong because I don't know too much about the Kicevo region.. do you have the voting numbers of Zajas and Osllomej prior to 2002 so we can confirm this?

I have driven through Kicevo, Zajas and Osllomej.. they are very built up densely populated regions.. but Also I know historically there has been a lot od migration from that region in the past..

They are still citizens who pay taxes in MK (eg) (property Tax) .. and regularly stay in MK..they aren't breaking any laws by coming to Kicevo and voting are they? They contribute millions to the economy and keep the region alive..

Nobody is stopping the Macedonians from coming to vote also! But they don't care enough or live too far away..
I take this as a big compliment. You are just subjectively asking me to prove it to you since you know I'm knowledgeable about the demographics. Deep down inside you know Im right you just dont want to believe it.

Let me ask you this, why is voter turn out so low in Albanian municipalities VS the Macedonian ones? Most Macedonian dominated municipalities have voter turn out from 65-80% where as Albanian voter turn out is from 40%-55%. Any idea?

Click the map and see for yourself. Check Saraj, Zhelino, Aracinovo, Lipkovo, Debar etc. Its because they are still registered to vote but do not live in the country. So voter turn out is low as the Albanians are counted as residing in the country. If the next census is completed properly the voter rolls will be cleaned up and the real number of citizens will be counted. (Unless SDSM who falsified the last census is still in power).

Second, lets use births to see how 2002 census was inflated.

We will use Oslemej and Zajas as an example.

Here is the Makstat Database, you can check births for every year for each municipality

So we can search the number of births for pure ethnic Albanian municipalities and see the proportion of births they have and compare to Zajas and Oslomej

So the municipalities of Oslomej and Zajas -the births are so low in proportion to the other municipalities. How does around 21560 population only have 139 combined births in 2005? Look at the other municipalities. The proportion of Albanian births is way higher. If the Albanians in Oslomej and Zajas realy had 21560 residents then the number of births should have been around 325-350 Births.

So for an Albanian population to have around 139 births the population of Oslomej and Zajas is no larger than 9000 people. So in effect they added more than double to the population in the fake 2002 census.
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