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I want to point out something

First, do I notice the word SLAV descend of Beliesarius?

Born: 505 AD

When exactly the "Slavs" arrived?

Or they were always present there...

Another thing:

The last victory of Belisarius was gained in repelling an inroad of the Bulgarians, A. D. 559. (Agath.^^. V. 15-20; Theophanes, pp. 198,199.)
In a. D. 563 he was accused of a conspiracy against the life of Justinian, and his fortune was seques*tered. All that is certain after this is, that he died on the 13th of March, A. D. 565. (Theophanes pp. 160, 162.)

He also was fighting against the Bulgarians, who were intruders.

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