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Some decent info can be found on page 103-4 of "Macedonia - Its People and History" by Stoyan Pribichevich , 1982.


I have a feeling the below Usenet post is sourced from Pribichevich
(via a Al Donski translation).

The archbishop of Ohrid, Athanasius, in 1596 went to request assistance from
the Italian, Spanish and Austrian rulers. In his record he states:

" ...When we passed through Serbia, Bosnia, Dalmatia, Montenegro and lower
Macedonia, Greece, Thrace, Bulgaria and generally everywhere where holds and
rules the Turk in Europe, and since evaluated and saw everything, we were
left puzzled, how (it is possible) in those kingdoms, in which the
christians outnumber the Turks, the latter ones to hold such places
(territories), more so when the mountains and the narrow passes, as well as
some fortresses, are held by the christians and the subservience of these
(christians) towards the rulers (Turks) is almost non existent.... And this
I recommended, when from N.V. I receive 5 or 6 thousand infantry from the
Spanish and the Italian nationalities, weapons and munition of 15,000
people, saddles for 4000 horses, in a short time I will deliver MACEDONIA
under his rule and administration... Some more, after this undertaking is
achieved, the whole of Bosnia, Dalmatia, BULGARIA and GRECIA will without
any doubt take up arms against the Turk."
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