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Originally Posted by TerraNova View Post
They gave the name of Upper Macedonia to the country about Lyncestis, Pelagonia, Orestias, and Elimia. Later writers called it Macedonia the Free, and some extend the name of Macedonia to all the country as far as Corcyra, at the same time assigning as their reasons, the mode of cutting their hair, their language, the use of the chlamys, and similar things in which they resemble the Macedonians; some of them, however, speak two languages. On the dissolution of the Macedonian empire, they fell under the power of the Romans. Book 7, Chapter 7,8.

The last passage obviously has nothing to do with Upper Macedonia- Orestis,Lyncestis,Elimia Pelagonia.
It speaks about WHY some extend the name Macedonia beyond Upper Macedonia-AS FAR AS CORCYRA (=Corfu ).
These borders fit to Perfectura Macedonia too of the Romans.

The lands from Ohrid to Adriatic were inhabited by Illyrians.

So two (or both as is better translated) means Illyrian and Greek.
I expalin about squips,you know it is 3000 pages large book here in Slovenia and here is written ILIRIANS are Serbs Croats and Slovenians,that is why they could understand ich other with Macedonians,similar like today,and gues what,simbol of ILIRIA was moon and star same like turkish,but diferent color,no evidence of last one befour 1400.
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