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Originally Posted by Pelister View Post
Isn't it interesting how far Macedonia extended in Strabo's time. I find it interesting how he calls north of the Danube - Thrace. More intersting how the people here go by various names Scythians, Getae, Goths, and yet they speak the same langauge as the Thracians and have the same customs as the Macedonians. Later the same people are called Sclaveni.
See in all old books it is writen SCLAVENI,perheps SC is like BV in west and east(visantium) or like DZ (Ѕ)....Western slavs,reject that opinion they think it is like SLOVENI,slovo the one who was learned how to reed,you know slovo-bukva,buth the word sclaveni is clear SLAVENI,it mens ''tia što bile slaveni'' the one which were famus, even in old language it is called BUKVA and long after that it was called SLOVO!!
And if you think,which were famus in that time??ROMANS and MACEDONIANS,so if Romans(Bisantian Greeks) were on power then,who was their bigest enemy??

And when you mention the Goths,how about Visigoths?(Goths from Bisantium)or Tracians from Bisantium?Just sugesting?
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