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Anton Popov

Anton Popov dying for a new world which will warm with the light, with the beauty

anton-popovAnton Popov (Igumenec village, Petrich, Pirin Macedonia, 23. VII 1915 - Sofia, 20. X 1942) - Macedonian poet, short story writer, journalist, national activist. Graduated from high school in Nevrokop in 1933 and several years taught in the homeland. In 1936 he enrolled at the State Higher School of Finance and Administrative Sciences in Sofia. Founder and member of the Macedonian Literary Circle (1938-1941). Participate in national and anti-fascist movement. Love of country Macedonia, its history and tradition, her freedom and future are subject to consummate his literary and journalistic work. Through his own example shows how love and defend their homeland. Along with Nicholas Vapcarov was arrested and sentenced to death. The letter before shooting wrote: "I am dying for a new world which will warm with the light, with the beauty, so that my sacrifice for him is nothing. Puffed with pride the name of his people, for which they worked fine until the last moment, for whose good future die. Popov was among the first writers who followed and affirmed Macedonian national thought.

Anton Popov was born in revolutionary family on July 23, 1915 in the village Igumenec (Petrich) in Pirin Macedonia. Constantine Popstojanov grandfather was killed in an ambush of Turks perished in such an ambush and uncle of his father Mitre Stojanov. His father who defended the interests of peasants, was hanged by Supremacists on October 22, 1923.

His primary Anton Popov wins in his native village. Then he studied in Petrich, shifted in Samokov, where he tripped over participation in anti-fascist student circle. She continues her education in Nevrokop where she completed high school in 1933.

That same year Anton becomes a teacher in his native village. The next school year in the village uchitelstvuva Skrt, then returns to his native village. Popov teacher strives to create better conditions for their students and educated as worthy citizens: spravedlivi proud, bold and independent, they love their native Macedonian land and we respect all people on earth. He takes and arrange boarding and kitchen for poor students, which placed more than 100 children. At the same time Anton continues as father to defend their neighbors from different gangs.

Anton Popov trying to issue a Macedonian newspaper, but his efforts failed because of determined resistance of power. Disappointed, he longs to go to Sofia and expects to find related party "people with souls, minds ..". Soon wishes be fulfilled. In 1936 Anton Popov wrote the State Higher School of Finance and Administrative Sciences in Sofia, and the autumn of 1937 he became a clerk in the Sofia municipality.

In early November 1938 formed the Macedonian literary circle, in whose establishment Anton took active participation. Three years Anton worked tirelessly in Society. Quite often he held lectures on poetry or short stories, participated in organizing literary readings, field trips, gatherings and assemblies of emigration. Moreover he stole prominent writers against the war, participated in the work of the Macedonian party group, wrote stories, poetry, articles and leisure reading among other Macedonian historical literature.

The Macedonian literary circle Anton Popov form completely as Macedonian patriot, as a loyal son of his enslaved people and at the same time as the fiery fighter for the happiness of all people. Antoci Popov wanted Macedonia and the Macedonian people with pure love, tender, after immense strength and width. That love was ready to sacrifice. No chance in his last letter he wrote: "I am dying proud name of my father. Puffed with pride the name of my people, for which worked fine until the last moment, for whose good future die! "

In his riveting travelogue "Travel notes and thoughts" he writes: ".. there is my homeland ... There is my Yarrow Pirin, the first years enrolled children with songs, stories and legends in my soul that stands high snowy blue shoulders in the highest, which zakoval eyes away in space, drawing them to look sharp borders of my homeland - to Shar, the Aegean, the Rhodopes and Rila. " At the same time in his last letter Anton Popov wrote: "I am dying for a new world which will warm to such a bright light, with such beauty, that my sacrifice will be nothing for him!"

Anton Popov in his poems express the gentle love for his homeland against his people, expressing his faith in the recent liberation and unification of Macedonia. In svoitz reports that reveal suffering plight of workers, slash shocking images of exploitation of tobacco manufacturers, women and children. From the title of his stories reflected their content. Here are some of them: "The pain of our juzhnaci", "So work and suffer tobacco", "He otkradnuva unfulfilled childhood dreams," "Above the clouds are dense Pirin".

In autumn 1941, together with his inseparable friend Nicholas Vapcarov, he joined the party work in the military center of the BCP. Anton Popov started the illegal life fulfilled with m hazards risks. He carries people from the composition of the Central Committee of the app app purchases and they prepared food, carry weapons m cash late at night, skillfully destroys traces of the watchful eye of police. In their illegal activities he involves his mother and sister. This head of combat groups.

But the enemy does not sleep. The group is lured provocateur and a few months later breakthrough occurs. On 4 March Vapcarov caught. Anton Popov although there is some possibility to hide, but he did not take nothing. Deemed to carry on the work, especially after such a breakthrough. But police after his tragp on April 24, 1942 has arrested ..

On July 22, the military court pronounced its verdict. The death was sentenced Anton Ivanov, Atanas Romanov, Nicholas Vapcarov Anton Popov, Petar Bogdanov and Georgi Minchev. In the court room tactics disbelief. Then he heard moaning and crying nearby. The same day married fiancee Rosica Manolova. Shot on 20 October 1942 together Anton Ivanov, Atanas Romanov, Nicholas Vapcarov Anton Popov, Petar Bogdanov and Georgi Minchev

But before zagrakta kartechnicata its sinister song, listen to other famous, beautiful song that comes from the breast of unbreakable fearless fighters:

"He will fall into battle for freedom, he dies. . . "

In the queue, with a burning face, with a view to the future, presenting you the Macedonian nation free and united and bright future for all mankind, with a strong singing voice and neprezhaliviot Anton Popov.
"Ido not want an uprising of people that would leave me at the first failure, I want revolution with citizens able to bear all the temptations to a prolonged struggle, what, because of the fierce political conditions, will be our guide or cattle to the slaughterhouse"
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