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Originally Posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
Am I missing something about Aleksandrov? He seems to be a very popular figure and even a favourite amongst many Macedonian patriots both in Macedonia and in the diaspora. Why is he so revered? I can see that he did some good for the cause, but I can also see he did some things which were not very good for the cause and not very Macedonian. This is why I am still a confused when it comes to him and why he seems to be such a favourite from the revolutionary period for many Macedonians.
My theory is post-communism: During the second Yugoslavia, Macedonians could really only appreciate historical figures who's views were more in line with the socialist government, with those who weren't branded as Bulgarophiles. With the end of the Cold War and the emergence of an independent Macedonian state, there grew a new outlook on our history that sought to rehabilitate figures that were demonised by the communists. Aleksandrov was often characterised as "right-wing" and so many took to raising his image as to counteract the engrained mentality in Macedonians that only the "left-wing" figures of our history had done good. It's a phenomenon that can be witnessed in all post-communist states.
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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