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Originally Posted by Makemustara View Post
Daskale, greetings!
Obviously Kate will not be able to respond but I will try to. The link I presented clearly states that there were tens of thousands of people killed by the comunists + armed resistance, because they refused to accept Macedonian identity.
Now now Makemustara, you speak about a scientific approach but you present us with an interview from a Bulgarian who we can easily dismiss as subjective and intended to feed the Bulgarian public with their national myth.
Are you aware that there are people who lived in Pirin Macedonia at the time who are giving interviews completely opposite to these? For them there was no ``forced macedonization`` , there was a situation where for the first time the population could express their identity without being feared of repression from the Bulgarian atrocities. And that situation was reflected in the censuses in 1946 and 1956 respectively.

Originally Posted by Makemustara View Post
It will become even clearer when more documents on the red terror are out of secrecy, but it takes more political will and less agents in the government.
We are anxiously waiting for all those ``documents`` that you speak off!! Iím somehow afraid that we are just going to see parody of documents like the one that already circulates the internet( allegedly from the Blagoevgrad archive)

Originally Posted by Makemustara View Post
OMO Ilinden were struggling to find one more signature from the minorities and don't worry-peaceful separatism is acceptable in Europe so don't fear any repressions.
Well then why canít they be registered as a party? Maybe we should play a game, what excuse will the Bulgarian state think of to stop their registration? I bet on `` their shoes were too dirty, we canít allow guys with such dirty shoes to be considered as politicians``

And what about the Macedonian minority? Why doesnít your country recognize it?
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