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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
I've never seen such bullshit in my life. The logic is so flawed.
And yet, 9/10 people who want to "know more" about Macedonia will get their information from this website
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I just saw that the wikipedia page for the Macedonian Language went under a large revamp and plenty of the bullshit that has plague it for years is now gone - with the main focus of the article being the linguistics of the language rather than the politics that surrounds it. The large and positive change received little opposition, only from that of Jingiby and a few fellow bulgarian editors.

I also saw that there was recently a major consensus between editors for the page of North Macedonia to explicitly state (in the first line) the name of the country was Macedonia before 2019 - this again received opposition from Jingiby and Greek editors but they were the minority.

There are definitely positive changes sweeping through wikipedia as the ugly Balkan shenanigans are becoming more unacceptable across the wider community. Don't get me wrong, the North Macedonia reference is still everywhere for post 2019 context (but the rules go by using the constitutional name of the country at the time - which since 2019 the regime has changed), VMRO, many medieval-20th century Macedonia articles are monopolised by Jingby & Co, ancient Macedonia articles are monopolised by Greek editors - but as long you have valid sources your edits should be met with little opposition. Editors with opposing views is why wikipedia tends to sound contradictory at times.

I would probably encourage trying to preserve the information presented in this forum on wikipedia (as most of it is from credible sources). As mentioned, wikipedia is becoming a go-to for people whom seek knowledge on topics and unfortunately the number of Macedonian editors has diminished over time. It sure beats information being lost in this forum or trash like Quora where the same racist Greeks answer their own questions. The only issue with wikipedia is that it requires you policing your edits and other construstive edits via watchlists, especially on less-popular articles.
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At the end of the day, the sources and citations are what people should look at but I don't think many do.

A classic example for me has always been the VMRO pages on Wikipedia when discussing the revolutionaries. ALL of the Macedonian revolutionaries are 'Bulgarian;, according to Wiki. Pictures and so forth are heavily edited. Half of the sources used are by Dimitar Bechev and other pro-Bulgars, it's honestly ridiculous.

As long as there are fat, unemployed Bulgarian keyboard warriors with nothing to do but sit around and wage an edit war, this will always be the case.
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macedonia wikipedia edits

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