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Arrow Ten Commandments of Communist law

Ridicule dishonors a man more than dishonor does
(François de La Rochefoucauld “Maximes”)

If you paraphrase Schopenhauer ("World as will and representation"), the origin of the ridiculousness is in discrepancy of the seen and imagined. For example, the inscription over the grave of one doctor: "Here he lies like a hero and those he killed lie around him". The concept "lies surrounded by those that he killed” is fair for a hero who defended his hearth, but in this case by this concept means a doctor that should keep a life. So, the comical is what is illogical.

Although with the two resolutions of the Council of Europe and one of EU for the former communist countries is clearly explained how to clean up themselves of the communism, the right government and the President of the State, have set communists on the most important places, who performed ministerial, judicial, prosecution, ambassadorial , party and other functions. Therefore, in addition to this text they will be reduced under the common denominator "communist".
To compare how this "Communist" of the right government and the president understands the law, we must first know on which "commandments" the "communist" worked.

According to Prof. Dr. Lovro Šturm (BESPRAVJE, Slovenian judicature since 1945, Ljubljana, 1998), who in the right government of Janez Janša, to two or three years ago served as minister of justice, the communist courts are repressive authority, in which the first employees come from UDBA and the Prosecution. In the first instance 50 % are communists, and in the higher and the Supreme court, 80 % of judges are Communists. Taking the Polish legal theorist Lech Falandysz, Šturm with his co-author, on page 69 lists the "Ten Commandments of communist law and order”:

1. "The Law is subordinated to political objectives and interests of the ruling group (party); the policy prevails over the law, which law does not limit;
2.The Law is a political instrument of the ruling party, which allows the party, to raise ‘on a degree of a law’ whatever it like and thereby bind the whole society;
3.The society as a whole and social groups outside the ruling party had no actual impact on the content of law and the process of its creation;
4.Human rights and civil liberties are protected only so far as they coincide with the interests of the group in power;
5.Political authorities are not obliged by the law, this authority is that only group which may change and break the law;
6. Outwardly, the law is presented in a democratic form, which in practice does not work;
7. The law is created by the legislative body, in which always prevails the ruling party and other state bodies, which are fully subordinated to that party;
8. Independently body to assess the concordance of the laws with the Constitution or international conventions, does not exist. As regards the protection of human rights and civil liberties as the Constitution and international treaties, are treated as declarations with no direct use in social practice;
9.The formal propaganda present the law as an expression of the persistence of the majority of citizens, or society as a whole;
10.The theory of law and the scientific study of law are trying to justify the need for the existing legal system, their duty is to observe and affirm; the legal professions are obliged to cooperate with the government, to protect and rely on its interests.

The Czechs in Article 2, paragraph 2 of the Law for illegal actions of the communist system, they declared the communist regime for a sinister regime:

"Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was a criminal organization that deserves contempt, and all organizations which were established on the basis of its ideology and directed its action against the human rights and the democratic system."

According to Janez Janša ("Rovovi", Ljubljana, 1994, page 125-126), tried and imprisoned under communism, the former prime minister of Slovenia, today leader of the Opposition, in Communism there were only two lines for advancement to the top of the hierarchy. Both represent the foundation stones of the undemocratic government: UDBA and ideo-political commissions. Further he claims that Milan Kučan reached the peak of the second, which according to Janša, is the softer line.
The "Communist" in the right government, in the communist regime did not progressed from the second line. He did not occupied those positions in the Communist Party, which had Milan Kučan, who became her boss. Those remained in the company of Crvenkovski, some of them “live in hope” and others rushed in a stampede to the right wing, and as in any other stampede there were victims and mostly it were the rightwingers.

"The soldiers on guard allow the just arrived prisoner to join in playing cards, but since he cheats while playing, quarrel erupts and they throw him out. Soldiers comply with the general concept 'the bad companions are thrown out' and forget that at the same time he is a prisoner or someone who should be kept under guard” (Schopenhauer, “World as will and representation").

And then, a minister of the right government wonder that NATO allows us to guard the camp, but does not allow us to stay in NATO tent?

Marjan Popeski artcle on Macedonian Spark
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