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Aid the Greek People!

In 1936 the monarchy, scared by the rapid growth of the influence of the Communist Party among the Greek masses, clamped on the country a fascist dictatorship. But this, too, was done with the benevolent connivance of the British Government. Indeed, the dictatorship, apart from fighting Communism by Hitler's methods, was the best possible protector of British capitalist interests in Greece. After the people of Greece, led by the Communist Party, had cleared the country of the German invaders,
Thank fuck for the commies a thessa if it was not for them, your new master would have been the Fritz and you would have been wearing "8" Mesut Özil on your back.

The British Government started war on them again in December 1944. Together with the City it feared that the Greeks might be liberated after all and become, for the first time, a really independent nation.
Hang on, didn't they become independent and liberated back in 1832? No..... for Greece its out of one frying pan, into another.

Therefore, by British arms, the corrupt monarchy and a bogus "Parliamentary regime" were restored, and the oppression of the Greek people in the fascist manner began all over again.

But this time the British imperialists did not have their former strength. So, having restored the monarchy and a disguised form of fascism, they were obliged to hand over the financial responsibility to the United States, while still keeping British troops, a Military Mission and Police Mission in Greece to safeguard the country for the introduction of the American way of life.
So who's the bitch? and who was there new Daddy now?

If Greece was an occupation rather than a state, it would have been known as "A Prostitute"

How many foreigners have ridden them now.

The Greek people, who fought for liberation for 400 years against the Turks, and have consistently fought for their real freedom against monarchs and dictators, Italians and Germans, will continue the fight for their national liberation against their present Anglo- American masters, and ultimately win.
hahahha good one. well we can laugh at them now that we know what has happened since the time this was written.

Of all the peoples in the world the British people have a supreme duty to aid the Greek people in their struggle for real independence.For, since the Turks were driven out, it has been the British ruling class, more than any other, which has borne responsibility for the continued enslavement of the Greek people.
Now answer me this thessa,
Between 1833 and 1947 (The beginning of the US Rule) can you say that Greece was,
A) Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind?
B) Not dependent on or affiliated with a larger or controlling entity?

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