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Originally Posted by osiris View Post
the colour red has through the ages been the colour aopted by revolutionary organisations, it symbolises the blood shed for the struggle. even the american term red neck has revolutionary origins despite its meaning now.

here check this out re redneck, its not a popular understanding ebacuse anything left or heavan forbid communits history in the usa has been demonised and left out.
An interesting read. Thanks for the link. I can only imagine how convoluted classes in 20th Century American history will be 1,000 years from now. I thought Communist meant "no good Russian Slav heathen", but apparently there's some kind of economic philosophy tied to this word, as well. A clear case of connodenotationalism verging on denoconnotationalism, but, then again, maybe I'm just splitting hairs.
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The Red Brotherhood attracted alot of interest in America that prompted short stories like this one from 1912;

"Since when were you admitted into society?" I gasped, still staring at the name of the daughter of the millionaire banker, John Brixton.

"She came to tell me that her father is in a virtual state of siege, as it were, up there in his own house," explained Kennedy in an undertone, "so much so that, apparently, she is the only person he felt he dared trust with a message to summon me. Practically everything he says or does is spied on; he can't even telephone without what he says being known."

"Siege?" I repeated incredulously. "Impossible. Why, only this morning I was reading about his negotiations with a foreign syndicate of bankers from southeastern Europe for a ten-million- dollar loan to relieve the money stringency there. Surely there must be some mistake in all this. In fact, as I recall it, one of the foreign bankers who is trying to interest him is that Count Wachtmann who, everybody says, is engaged to Miss Brixton, and is staying at the house at Woodrock. Craig, are you sure nobody is hoaxing you?"

"Read that," he replied laconically, handing me a piece of thin letter-paper such as is often used for foreign correspondence. "Such letters have been coming to Mr. Brixton, I understand, every day."

The letter was in a cramped foreign scrawl:

JOHN BRIXTON, Woodrock, New York.

American dollars must not endanger the peace of Europe. Be warned in time. In the name of liberty and progress we have raised the standard of conflict without truce or quarter against reaction. If you and the American bankers associated with you take up these bonds you will never live to receive the first payment of interest.


I looked up inquiringly. "What is the Red Brotherhood?" I asked.

"As nearly as I can make out," replied Kennedy, "it seems to be a sort of international secret society. I believe it preaches the gospel of terror and violence in the cause of liberty and union of some of the peoples of southeastern Europe. Anyhow, it keeps its secrets well. The identity of the members is a mystery, as well as the source of its funds, which, it is said, are immense."

"And they operate so secretly that Brixton can trust no one about him?" I asked.
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Sounds like a good movie.

Actually, the Red Brotherhood is mentioned a couple more times in the Dream Doctor (book quoted above).

Certainly he must have been a scientist of no mean attainment. That did not surprise me, for I realised that from that part of Europe where this mystical Red Brotherhood operated some of the most famous scientists of the world had sprung.

Professor Michael Kumanova, one of the leaders of the Red Brotherhood.


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Bump! Never heard of this group and can't find much info on them
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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macedonia, red brotherhood, secret society, strumica

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