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4. Interestingly, the ethnic Macedonians from R. Macedonia* have an R-M458 frequency of 3.8%, barely different from that of Greeks at large, suggesting that (i) the claims of some Greek nationalists that they Macedonians of R.M.* are newcomers to the Balkans are wrong, just as (ii) the claim of some Macedonian nationalists that they are markedly different from Greeks are wrong.
The actual truth is that the ethnic Macedonians from R. of Macedonia are largely of old Balkan (pre-Slavic) stock who adopted a non-Balkan Slavic language, just as the modern Turks are largely of old Anatolian (pre-Turkish) stock who adopted a non-Anatolian Turkic language.
I wonder if that's because of how de-populated their land got through the centuries and how many Macedonians must have filled in the gaps along with everyone else around (Albanians, Vlachs, Armenians,etc).
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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
We cannot be sure of this. This part is merely an assumption.
That is true, but it makes them feel better.
To enquire after the impression behind an idea is the way to remove disputes concerning nature and reality.
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